JPKK is an institution that provides skills and training programmes to all levels as well as education opportunities to SPM leavers prior entering the workforce.


To be the leader in Technical and Vocational Education and Training as well as the Lifelong Education Hub by 2025


Developing local community as skilled and knowledgeable workforce to fulfil the demand through TVET and Lifelong Education Hub


a) To provide alternative routes to secondary school students dropout students from the prime education to undergo training and study in technical and vocational fields including trade, agriculture, healthcare and others.

b) Providing lifelong education to individuals and local communities to improve the quality of life of the community.

c) Enable private companies to use community college services to provide training to their employees

d) Establish collaboration between community members, local governments and the private sector to develop local area

e) Coordinate training and skills provided by various ministries to meet market and local needs

f) Provide opportunities for local communities to use community college facilities

g) Providing advise/counselling to local communities to enhance their level of knowledge and career development


JPKK partners with Skills Johor to improve the employability rate of Malaysian youth through training and education programmes tailored for the future workers.