The commitment of Skills Johor towards keeping up its quality of services and programmes is undoubtedly reflected in a successful preview of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). The preview was held at Thistle Hotel, where top management of 40 companies in Johor were present.  A Hari Raya celebration was held in conjunction of the IR 4.0 preview and the event was officiated by YB Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, the Chairman of Johor Consumerism, Human Resources and Unity Committee.

The IR 4.0 preview which takes place on the 10th July 2018, attracted almost 70 participants and a plethora of great industry associations, healthcare, manufacturers, logistics and oil and gas leaders such as Johor Ports, Flextronics, Legoland, United Kotak, BP Healthcare and Kaefer.

According to YB Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, as the new highly automated age is upon us, world’s latest automation and digitalisation technologies are fast changing the conventional business systems worldwide.  Not just automated manufacturing processes, we are now in the age of robotic artificial intelligence to self-driving cars. The IR 4.0 is changing how we live, work, play and communicate.  Therefore, it is vital to prepare our local workforce to be ready for this change.

"it is crucial for our local companies to invest in IR 4.0 professional training and courses like the Internet of Things course that had recently organised by Skills Johor in partnership with KnowledgeCom to help them maintain their resilience.” He was quoted as saying.