Now a days, obtaining a good degree is no longer sufficient to get a job. Graduates should equip themselves, not only with technical skills, but also with soft skills. We recently delivered our Graduates Skills Enhancement Programme (GSEP) training for Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) graduates. During our training, we will ensure that the graduates are equipped with the right mindset, attitude and communication skills to prepare them into entering the working industry.We combined various techniques such as incorporated classroom engagement, video presentation, games and group discussion to stimulate both left and right brain learning for the participants. The techniques used are personalised accordingly to ensure graduates are able to develop their self-confidence, communication skills in English, leadership ability, etiquette, as well as understanding corporate values. The goals of this programme are to: 


-Transform graduates into value-driven professionals.

-Learn about personal financial management.

-Boost their confidence and personality during job interviews.

-Enhance the ability to think creatively and analytically.