Course Title

Business English for Small Medium Enterprises

Type of Course


Type of training


Skill Focus Area

Finance, General management, Administration, Human resources, Public relations, Marketing

Duration (Days)

14 hours ( 2 Days )

Level of Certification

Certificate of Attendance

Course Overview

Graduates studying abroad still have an advantage over local degree holders as communication skills remain an issue. Unfortunately, local graduates who are employed are usually handicapped by their poor command of the English language. English is known as a universal language and used mostly in private sectors, locally and globally. Consequently, this adversely affects the performance and image of the business in the industry, and employees may find themselves bypassed for job progression.

This programme will teach the participants basic oral and written communication skills in English. The participants will be taught how to speak properly and how to write emails, memos and letters. The programme is conducted through lively interaction between the participants and trainer, as well as plenty of group dynamics.


SPM / STPM / Diploma / Degree

Course Objectives

To improve both writing and communication skills in English.

Learning Outcomes

The participants will have more confidence in speaking and writing English at work. They will also be able to communicate more effectively with their co-workers, employers and clients.

Course Content

Module 1

Essential Grammar

  • Overview of tenses
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence problems

Grammar exercises


Module 2

Language Diplomacy

  • The importance of using the right choice of words to convey the intended impact to the reader. For example: which one of these words sound professional, polite, business-like, harsh, rude, condescending, critical, etc.
  • Achieving the right ‘tone’ 


Module 3

Speaking and Pronunciation Exercise

The Essence of Communication

Video presentation

Role play/group presentation activity 


Module 4

Common Errors in Malaysian English


Module 5

Email Etiquette

Tips on writing e-mails

  • Format
  • Organising content
  • Following a logical structure
  • Eliminating wordiness
  • Using positive words

Group e-mail writing activity and presentation


Module 6

Writing Memos For Internal Communication

  • Format
  • Organising content
  • Following a logical structure
  • Eliminating wordiness
  • Using positive words

Group writing activity practice and presentation


Module 7

Writing Letters to External Parties

  • Format
  • Correct form of address
  • Organising content
  • Following a logical structure
  • Eliminating wordiness

Group writing activity practice and presentation

Learning Activities

The programme is conducted via lecture and video tools with plenty of group activities, where the participants will engage through speaking and writing.

Target Groups

Junior to mid-level executives and non-executives.