Education and skills training are critical drivers for the country’s mission to transform from a middle to high income State and nation due to its impact on productivity and human capital development. It is also an engine of growth in its own right, as well as an underlying enabler for the economy.

  • Johor is set to emerge as the richest state in Malaysia by 2025, judging by the pace of development and continued investment inflows.
  • Iskandar Malaysia, one of the five economic corridors in Malaysia, has attracted more than one-fourth of the RM383 billion total investment target by 2025.
  • 500,000 new jobs will be generated in Johor within the next 5 to 8 years, and this will make Johor an employment growth center as well as an economic growth center.
  • Skills Johor provides a sustainable platform for developing skilled human capital for the State of Johor and the country in General , in order to fuel the economic activities and employment demands generated by these efforts.

The relevant industry skilling and ready labour is set to increase the overall gross national income (GNI) for the State’s oil & gas, hospitality & tourism, biotechnology, logistics & healthcare sectors. It is estimated that blue collared workers’ income will collectively increase by up to 150% per annum.